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There’s a wealth of James Bond news on the Internet today, from the release of the first Skyfall trailer to the press release announcing all 22 007 films available on Blu-ray in September. Exciting times for fans of Britain’s most lethal secret agent, but this might be the most thrilling news pertaining to Bond and his license to kill.

Sir Ian Fleming, the author who gave “birth” to Bond, reportedly will be the subject matter of a big-screen biopic, with Moon and Source Code director Duncan Jones in the running to helm, Deadline says. The movie will take its cues from Andrew Lycett’s biography, The Man Behind James Bond, with Matthew Brown handling screenwriting duties. Deadline says casting officially is underway, with hopes of getting the production underway later this year.

Jones is a risky choice. Yes, he’s British, and that’s the right decision. Hiring a non-Brit to helm Fleming’s story might have caused a third World War, at least on the publicity circuit.

But Jones, to date, has only helmed science-fiction, and had talked about staying in the genre while he was making the press rounds for Code. Perhaps the Fleming estate, which publically supports this effort, lured him to the pic? Maybe Jones is a die-hard Bond fan, and this is the next best thing to helming an actual Bond adventure?

And that’s the next question: Will this be an exciting movie, or more of a dry biopic along the lines of Finding Neverland or Miss Potter - movies that attempted to capture the writing process in imaginative ways? Fleming led an exciting life. I hope Jones’ movie conveys that fact.

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