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Can you smell what The Rock is hunting? According to reports, he’ll be hunting monsters very soon.

The action superstar has attached his name to an adaptation of John Paul Russ’s comic-book short story The Monster Hunter’s Survival Guide, according to Deadline. The books, published in 2010, offer readers a “comprehensive guide” to eliminating Bigfoot, vampires, the Loch Ness Monster, werewolves and more. Director Simon Kinberg will produce the film through his Genre Films shingle.

Coming out of a movie theater in Times Square recently, I came face to face with a skyscraper-sized advertisement heralding Wrestlemania 28, which apparently pits The Rock versus John Cena in a Survivor Series match. Isn’t this the same Rock who claimed earlier that that he was putting “The Rock” in mothballs so he could build up his Dwyne Johnson brand? Well, there goes that idea. Rock has re-envisioned his hard-hitting action career with contributions to the Fast and the Furious and G.I. Joe franchises. He’s also preparing to shoot Snitch, which finds him going undercover in a drug cartel in order to get information on a key dealer and reduce his teenager son’s prison sentence.

All of which is fantastic with me. Johnson is the obvious successor to the Stallone-Willis-Schwarzenegger mantle when it comes to action heroes. And when he isn’t bashing skulls, he’s trying to entertain families with Tooth Fairy or The Game Plan. No. Give me Fast 6. Bring on G.I. Joe 2. Because when it comes to The Rock’s career … it doesn’t matter what you think, Jabroni!