Dwayne Johnson is pretty damn badass. Of course, it's kind of hard to make the determination about just how badass he is. There's no number scale to determine it and ranking him against other badasses isn't the most accurate way to go about it. Instead it's best to judge a badass by his actions, and I'll tell you this: doing anything so awesome that the ceiling falls down is totally badass.

Johnson has Tweeted a new photo from the set of the upcoming Fast 6, where apparently he managed to throw a guy into a table so hard that the roof of the room completely collapsed. Luckily it seems like nobody was hurt in the incident, but I suppose that they are trained for this kind of thing when The Rock is on set (I hear they have a special kind of insurance). Check out the image and the Tweet below.

Fast 6 or Fast Six or The Fast and the Furious 6 or Fast and Furious 6 or 6ast and 6urious or whatever the hell they end up calling it is currently in production. Justin Lin is back in the director's chair for the fourth time in the series, and Chris Morgan is back with the pen. Vin Diesel and Paul Waker will return as Dominic and Brian, and they are joined by Johnson, Michelle Rodriguez, Gina Carano, Jordana Brewster, Luke Evans and Joe Taslim. Universal Pictures has slated the film to be released on May 24, 2013.

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