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Dwayne Johnson To Produce And Possibly Star In Movie About A Monster-Fighting Teddy Bear

We've heard of books, plays, television shows and even songs being turned into movies, but this may be the first time I've ever heard of a movie being based on an image posted on the internet. Dwayne Johnson, action star extraordinaire, is now attached to produce and possibly star in a new film based on this drawing, titled "Teddy Bears: Protecting Innocent Children from Monsters Under the Bed Since 1902.":

The drawing comes from the user begemott on the website DeviantArt (a.k.a. Alex Panagopoulos, "a Greek software engineer turned fantasy artist") and according to THR New Line Cinema is backing the illustration-based movie. The project is currently going by the working title Teddy Bear and while no director or writer has been hired at this point the studio is already looking at it as "a big four-quadrant franchise." The trade notes that the success of Seth MacFarlane's Ted last summer likely helped the developing idea get noticed by New Line.

Yes, it seems somewhat weird to create a big blockbuster movie based on a sketch, but the whole project reminds me of picture-based writing prompts that teachers would assign in school. In the hands of an idiot the movie could turn out horribly, but can you honestly say that there isn't a potentially cool story that could come from Panagopoulos' art?

Johnson's slate in 2013 is absolutely ridiculous and you should plan to see his face plastered everywhere over the next few months. His year kicks off on February 22nd with the release of Ric Roman Waugh's Snitch, but after that he also has Jon Chu's G.I. Joe: Retaliation, Dito Montiel's Empire State, Michael Bay's Pain & Gain, and Justin Lin's Fast Six.

Eric Eisenberg
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