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In ads for this weekend's Snitch, you'll definitely recognize The Rock-- he's there with his muscles, his charisma and bald head, the markings of a movie star who's been emerging as one of our biggest over the last few years. But once you actually sit down to watch Snitch, you might realize you're seeing someone else entirely. This is a movie in which The Rock is a family man with a blue collar job. This is a movie in which The Rock gets beaten up by a bunch of teenage drug dealers. This is a movie in which The Rock cries.

Snitch is also a movie with a message, standing up against the mandatory minimum drug sentencing rules that send relatively innocent people-- like his character's son in this movie, duped by a friend into accepting a drug package-- to jail for a long time. Inspired by a true story, Snitch stars The Rock as an ordinary man who goes undercover among terrifying drug cartels to help get his son out of jail. It's not something most people would do-- but probably what most parents at least wish they could in those circumstances.

Though a snowstorm kept us apart, I managed to talk to The Rock remotely about Snitch, the drug war and the "Rock buffet" we have coming up in theaters-- and through the magic of technology, it looks like we're in the same place! Find out why he's not worried about overexposure and why he takes credit for the airplane stunt featured in those Fast and Furious 6 trailers. You can see Snitch in theaters everywhere this weekend.

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