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While Faster may not end up being cinematic genius, it will finally give movie going audiences something they have been craving: Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's return to action films. It was incredibly refreshing to watch the redband trailer two days ago and see the former wrestler lifting a gun instead of putting on fairy wings. Too bad it doesn't sounds as though it will last.

Deadline reports that Johnson and Tyler Perry will be teaming up for the second time to make Take My Wife, a new romantic comedy in the vein of Perry's other films. In it Perry will play a man (yes, a man) who realizes that he will only be able to stop paying alimony to his ex-wife if he finds someone for her to fall in love with - enter The Rock. But after helping Johnson become the man his wife would want, Perry falls back in love with her and must compete with the man he molded for her heart. Lionsgate is in negotiations to acquire the film.

Why is Johnson doing this to us? The man could have easily slipped into the void left by Arnold Schwarzenegger and become the next big action star, picking up parts equivalent to Conan The Barbarian and Commando. Instead he chooses to act goofy and be in kids movies. The man is spitting in God's face.

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