There are two Eddie Murphys, the guy making the movies we want him to make-- Trading Places, Coming To America-- and the more recent guy who makes the kind of movies no one should make-- Norbit, Imagine That, etc. So what would happen if those two sides of the same guy came together in one movie? Chaos? Or something that managed to make everyone happy.

I'm not really sure what to make of The Misadventures of Fluffy, Murphy's next project as described by THR, but it sure sounds like some kind of weird hybrid. It's a talking animals movie and a buddy comedy (uh-oh), but it's also R-rated and will contain "an element of social comedy reminiscent of Trading Places." Huh?

Insiders are apparently emphasizing that Murphy is only attached as a producer at this point, but if this project is as bizarre and possibly great as it sounds, I'd like to see what Murphy can do with it. Something's gotta pull him out of his hole, and if it takes talking animals to lure him, I can accept that.

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