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Elizabeth Banks is on the verge of becoming the new Rachel McAdams, and not just because no one has seen much from Rachel lately and Elizabeth sort of looks like her. Well, ok, partly because of that but also because Elizabeth Banks is not only pretty but crazy talented and completely fearless. Her improvisations in The 40 Year-Old Virgin are brilliant and ballsy, she’s genius in Slither, and she even managed to make something cool out of a pretty boring, throwaway, barely a speaking role part in the Spider-Man movies. I love Elizabeth Banks.

The Hollywood Reporter says she’s getting a shot at stepping out of the supporting role shadow by starring in a remake of the horror movie A Tale of Two Sisters for DreamWorks. The original is a 2003 Kim Jee-Woon Korean movie about two sisters who return home after time in a mental institution. Once they return to normal society, they’re bothered by a cruel step-mother and their father’s nosey ghost.

The Korean version received high critical praise from the few American reviewers who actually saw it. Thus, the American version will be instantly panned regardless of whether or not its any good, since it’s not very cool to prefer the American version of, well, anything (except of course The Office).