Elizabeth Shue is a great actress with more headscratchers than hits on her twenty-plus year resume. She was nominated for an Academy Award alongside Nic Cage in Leaving Las Vegas; now, she’s remaking a horror flick about piranhas in 3-D. You say tomato, I say tomato.

The piranha film in question, a rework of the 1978 Jaws spoof Piranha will be directed by talented Frenchman Alex Aja and appear in, yes, three dimensions. The cult classic has already spawned both a sequel and a remake, but I guess the ankle biters couldn’t stay away for long.

According to Moviehole, Elizabeth Shue will play Sheriff Julie Forester, the mother of one of the central protagonists, a noted piranha fighter in her own right.

It’s always nice to see a horror film cast noted female actors, especially after lovely work this year from Monica Potter and Virginia Madson, but it’s also demoralizing to see an actress of Elizabeth Shue’s ilk relegating herself to underwhelming horror retreads. I guess we’ll see

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