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We told you two weeks ago that Will Ferrell and Adam McKay were going to be producing a new comedy spec script with the memorable title He's Fucking Perfect (sources vary as to whether it's "Fucking" or "Fuckin,'" but whatever). It's a bit of a dream story for aspiring screenwriters: Lauryn Kahn worked for years as McKay's assistant, and He's Fucking Perfect is her first completed screenplay. It sold for $1 million against $1.5 million. Now she's leaving her assistant gig to be a full-time writer. And as if those weren't enough reasons to hate her a little bit, now Deadline reports that Emma Stone is in talks to star in the movie.

If you didn't read our earlier story, HFP tells the story of a pessimistic-about-love girl who uses her knack for tech to check up on all the guys her girlfriends start dating. She digs up all the closet-skeletons and tosses them out just to prove that her cynicism is well founded. All that lasts until she checks out the latest guy in the parade...and can't find anything wrong with him. He's perfect. So perfect, in fact, that she decides to use her researching skills to turn herself into his theoretically ideal mate.

From the brief description, I can see Stone being perfect in the role, and I'm clearly not the only one who thinks so. Ferrell and McKay's production company, Gary Sanchez, originally sent the script straight to the actress in hopes of her signing on. They weren't even going to bother with seeing anyone else for the role. Now Stone is considering it, her people are talking to their people, lunches are presumably being had, and hopefully she'll sign on the line which is dotted. With the one-two punch of Easy A and Zombieland, Stone has proven herself to be one of the most talented comedic actresses out there right now, quite a feat for the tender age of 22. Without her potential involvement, He's Fucking Perfect would sound like just another comedy; with her name attached, it would automatically become one to watch.