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Emma Watson Lands Her First Role Outside Harry Potter

I know most Harry Potter fans disagree with this, but as a non-fan I’ve always thought Emma Watson was the only one of the Potter kids with any real potential acting talent. Radcliffe gets all the attention and so far he’s gotten most of the acting mojo, but I’m more interested in what Emma Watson will do when stripped of Hermione’s broom. Apparently she’s going to be a Wallflower.

Variety says Emma Watson is set to star opposite former Percy Jackson Logan Lerman in The Perks of Being a Wallflower. It’s based on a book about a shy teenager who writes letters to an anonymous person about his awkward adolescence. Surprisingly, for a shy and unpopular teenager, he manages to get involved in drugs and sex. Yeah, that’s realistic. No word on what role Watson will play but she strikes me as more of a sex than a drug.

Though the far less talented Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint have been doing work outside Harry Potter, this is Emma’s first shot at a movie that doesn’t involve Hogwarts. I suppose she could have been on stage somewhere cavorting naked with a horse if she’d wanted to, but Watson wanted to go to college. She’d even been spotted practicing for college life with the occasional beer bottle. Now that’s she’s taking this acting thing seriously, I’m eager to see what she has in her.