Ender's Game Trailer Reveals Child Soldiers, An Orbiting Battle School And War

"If we're going to survive, we need a new kind of soldier. One who doesn't think the way we think. Fear the things we fear. One the enemy would never expect."

Ender Wiggin isn't the first, but he'll be the last. Or so says Ben Kingsley's Mazer Rackham in the first trailer for Summit's Ender's Game. Directed by Gavin Hood, the film is based on a sci-fi novel by Orson Scott Card and tells the story of a boy who's recruited to attend a space-set battle school to train with other children in anticipation of the coming war against an alien race.

The trailer gives us an eyeful of the thrilling sci-fi world created for the film, including the battle school, which orbits earth, the zero gravity battle room, where kids in "flash suits" float around trying to zap one another, and the control rooms where the adults in charge of them keep a close eye on what's going on with these children preparing for war. No one's keeping a closer eye on Ender Wiggin (Asa Butterfield) more closely than Colonel Graff (Harrison Ford). The trailer gives us a look at Graff, along with some of the other characters, including Ender's sister Valentine (Abigail Breslin), Kingsley as Mazer Rackham, covered in tattoos and Major Gwen Anderson (Viola Davis).

We also get a good look at Butterfield as Ender, an extremely gifted and intuitive kid who is as tactically gifted as he is compassionate, which may be just what it takes for him to be the soldier Graff can be heard describing at the start of the trailer.

The trailer debuted today during a Google Hangout featuring Butterfield, director Gavin Hood and producer Roberto Orci.

Ender's Game arrives in theaters November 1. For more information on the futuristic setting of the film and the International Fleet that serves as the global government, check out IF-Sentinel.com.

Kelly West
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