At this year's Comic Con, the footage shown for Green Lantern was kind of a let down. Obviously they were still in production, but the bulk of the footage was a growing green light followed by a bunch of quick one-look shots. Hell, they didn't even show Ryan Reynolds in the suit. Fortunately for fans, the first official trailer for the film will be attached to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1, but until that arrives, you may just have to sit through an episode of Entertainment Tonight.

Preview footage for the gossip show's special on the upcoming Martin Campbell superhero has popped online and even though it only clocks in at 30 seconds, there's a hell of a lot here to be excited about. First of all, we finally get to see Ryan Reynolds suited-up and in action, but the spot also shows a quick glimpse at everyone's favorite Bolovax Vik native, Kilowog.

The full preview airs on Tuesday, November 16, but until then, check out the footage below.

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