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The Entourage Movie Gets The Green Light

Unlike shows like Arrested Development and Firefly, the HBO series Entourage was still very much alive when rumors about a possible movie began - in fact, it was only in the fourth season of its eventual eight season run. Talk about a feature continued during the entire rest of the show's run and only intensified once it aired its season finale in September of 2011. But despite constant pleading and clamoring from fans, nothing official has ever been set in place. Today, however, is the day that Vincent Chase lovers rejoice.

Deadline is announcing that Warner Bros. has given the green light for a feature film that will reunite Vinnie, Johnny Drama, Turtle, E, and Ari Gold on the big screen. Series creator Doug Ellin, who said that he finished the script back in October, will be directing the movie while negotiations are underway with stars Adrian Grenier, Kevin Connolly, Kevin Dillon, Jerry Ferrara and Jeremy Piven. The site also notes that Rex Lee, Emmanuelle Chriqui, Scott Caan, Rhys Coiro and Beverly D'Angelo are all likely to reprise their roles from the series as well - along with a number of various celebrities who will make cameo appearances like they did on the show. As of now there's no start date for production or a release date in mind, and no details about the story are provided.

As the source notes, the series ended with Piven's Ari being forced to choose between a life with his beautiful wife, played by Perrey Reeves, or taking his dream job as chairman and CEO of a film studio. Which lifestyle will he end up choosing? We'll just have to wait and see.

Eric Eisenberg

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