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Ah, After Earth: the film so disastrous that Will Smith even admits that it was a piece of shit. Considering the man made Seven Pounds, that's saying something; though his remarks on the film have nothing compared to the roasting CinemaSins gives it below. Watch and enjoy!

Thanks to the official CinemaSins YouTube page, we now have the most comprehensive analysis of the film that took last year's Razzies by storm - and it's not a pretty picture. I mean let's face it, ever since J.J. Abrams started using the "X Days Earlier" device on Alias, everyone else started to run with it. And who could blame them, as it's a really fun trick to play around with... if you know what you're doing. As usual, that qualification seems to evade M. Night Shyamalan's resume like aliens and monkey creatures evade water. Still, if you're going to start your film with a flashback to days earlier, do it right and avoid the mistake that After Earth makes by jumping back and forth through time four separate occasions in its first act.

While most of the Sins that Jeremy attributes to After Earth are pretty spot on, there's one that he'll be forced to retract: the film's lack of backstory. Considering it was all laid out in the film's social media campaign, there's no excuse for the audience to read up on how the Raige family started as Polish immigrants who created jet engines, got John F. Kennedy elected, and determined the fate of the planet with their employment status, only to eventually become a family of supposed badasses that lack common sense. Ok... so maybe that Sin should stay in place, along with an additional Sin for fooling me into thinking it should be retracted. And while we're at it, let's add yet another Sin for a backstory so stupid that if you did by chance look it up to educate yourself, you'd be so angry that the effort outweighed the reward.

All told, the 131 Sins that Jaden Smith's "starring vehicle" racked up seem a little too light for the shit show critics and audiences alike labeled After Earth as being. Let's not forget, this was the film that brought Will Smith's career to its knees – so much that he hasn't had a full feature film to star in until this year's Focus. Will that film undo some of the damage that Smith's once meteoric career took? Well, we can't tell just yet; but what we can tell is that After Earth is a steaming pile of Sci Fi shit that deserves more than just a well crafted CinemaSins video.

Focus opens this Friday. After Earth remains in the pit of Hell it deserves... or quite possibly might be in the Best Buy Bargain Bin.

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