Eric Bana Cast In Lone Survivor, Trailer For His New Film Deadfall Arrives

Mark Wahlberg, Ben Foster, Emile Hirsch and Taylor Kitsch have found their superior.It's now being reported that Eric Bana is in talks to join the cast of Peter Berg's upcoming war drama Lone Survivor, based on the book written by Marcus Luttrell. The story begins when a group of Navy SEALs (Wahlberg, Foster, Hirsch, Kitsch) who are patrolling the Afghanistan border. During their mission they encounter an old man and three young boys, but they don't think anything of them and let them go. This turns out to be a fatal mistake as the four SEALs find themselves trapped and surrounded by a small Taliban army. Should he sign on Bana will play a SEAL lieutenant.

THR, which reported the Bana casting, says that Emmet/Furla Films is on-board to finance the project with Norton Herrick and Universal is already set for distribution. While we still don't know who the other three lead actors will be playing, Wahlberg will be playing the role of Luttrell. Berg wrote the adaptation for the film.

Bana has actually been keeping quite busy as of late. While he hasn't had a film released since 2011's Hanna, he recently wrapped production on John Crowley's upcoming untitled international suspense thriller with Rebecca Hall and has a role in Sheldon Turner's By Virtue Fall (which is still in pre-production). He will next be seen in the thriller Deadfall with Olivia Wilde and Charlie Hunnam, and today the first trailer arrived online. Check it out below or in HD over on Apple (opens in new tab).

Bana and Wilde play Addison and Liza in the film, a brother-sister duo who are on the run after a botched casino heist. After getting into a car accident that has left their driver and a state trooper dead, they decide that the best idea is to split up and try and make their own way across the Canadian border. Trying to get her way through a blinding blizzard, Liza is picked up by a young man named Jay (Charlie Hunnam) who is heading to his parents house and offers her shelter and a hot meal. Everything seems well and good until Addison arrives. Deadfall will be in theaters December 7th.

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