#13) Toy Cars And Trucks On The Floor
The Idea: Put a slew of Micro Machines on the ground in front of stairs. Spread them out just enough so they cover a large amount of area but aren’t too spaced out to allow an easy path through.

Best Case Scenario: Not one but two burglars running to the stairs at the exact same moment will encounter the Micro Machines and full on wipe out, landing exactly on that space where their backs meets their necks. This disastrous trip will leave them with large bruises for a few weeks and slightly reduced running and speed walking capabilities in the immediate future.

Worst Case Scenario: One or both of the burglars look down before heading to the stairs, which allows said baddie to either pick up each of the Micro Machines and move them out of the way or get a running start and simply jump over the contraptions. Either way, no one falls on their necks, and it merely slows those involved down approximately ten seconds.

Analysis: I appreciate how little time this booby trap takes to set up. Unlike some of these others that would take a physics major ten minutes to do, an eight-year-old could easily set this one up. That being said, since most people have a tendency to at least occasionally look at the ground when running, the likelihood of it being avoided is well over fifty percent, and the likelihood of it taking out two burglars is damn near zero.

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