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Everything On Heather Graham's Lesbian Movie

It’s starting to become a thing. Every year around this time some hopeful young director throws a mainstreamed lesbian rom-com against the wall and hopes it sticks. Last year it was the really mean spirited, wrong-headed girl marries boy, girl ditches nice boy for girl she barely knows movie Imagine Me and You, this year it’s Gray Matters.

Honestly, these movies aren’t doing the lesbian cause any favors. In Imagine Me and You two women screw over and break the heart of a doting, loving husband to run off together and in Gray Matters Heather Graham plays a man’s sister trying to steal his wife. Seriously, that’s the movie. Brokeback Mountain has done wonders for gay men, but the movie industry is doing a pretty good job of making lesbians look like heartless, brutal, selfish, conniving bitches. That just doesn’t seem fair to me.

The similarities between the two movies are almost eerie. Just check out the movie posters:

The trailer for Gray Matters even uses pieces of some of the same songs used in Imagine Me and You. Seriously, it’s almost an extension of the same movie. Watch the Gray Matters trailer here and see Heather Graham picture passing women in their underwear.

If there’s a difference, Gray Matters seems a little more whimsical. But then if I’m remembering right the trailers for Imagine Me and You made it look fun and lighthearted too.

If you’re still interested after all my complaining, check out a first look at pics from Gray Matters by clicking on the thumbnails below.