New Evil Dead Spot Focuses On Fan Freakouts

The Evil Dead reboot is still being decried in corners of the Internet where fans insist nothing could compare to Sam Raimi's original gory story. These naysayers don't care that Raimi handpicked the reboot's director, Fede Alvarez. They ignore that both Raimi and the original Evil Dead star Bruce Campbell are producers on the project, and are both proudly promoting it. But these scowling skeptics who refuse to give this feature a short are a withering minority as more and more people see the reboot's terrifying trailers and scream with uninhibited terror.

I first reported on the trailer last October, when it played to an ecstatic audience at New York Comic Con. Then I told you all how Alvarez's take on the story of friends threatened by evil forces in an isolated woods found a new and ghoulish life that had the audience descending into full-on cheering and cacophony. Then the trailer hit the web, and more of you were won over. More have followed, inspiring many fans to film their reactions to the seriously fucked up horror on display within. Raimi, Campbell and Alvarez know you're pumped. And now they're sharing your reactions with this new ad:

As someone who watched the first Evil Dead movie curled into a ball in my parents' basement, surrounded by a batch of equally freaked out friends, I'm fucking pumped to see this new Evil Dead in a theater setting that promises the kind of electric surge of shared terror I felt in that room, times 100. And from the looks of this vid, I'm not alone.

I'll see you kids at the theater on April 5th, when Evil Dead rises.

Staff writer at CinemaBlend.