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Disney’s live-action adaptation of Beauty And The Beast is on the brink of expanding after it was confirmed that Ewan McGregor is in final discussions to star as Lumiere in the film. 

The Hollywood Reporter was the first to break the news that the Scottish thespian will join the all-star ensemble as the rebellious but loveable maître d’ to the Beast. Ewan McGregor will appear alongside Emma Watson’s Belle, Dan Stevens’ Beast/Prince, Luke Evans’ Gaston, Josh Gad’s Le Fou, Ian McKellen’s Cogsworth, and Audra McDonald’s Garderobe. 

Lumiere is a secondary supporting character in Beauty And The Beast, and, after the prince’s castle is felled by a curse, he turns into a candelabra. The affectionate candle tree also takes the opportunity to be part of many of the musical numbers in the original Disney film, the catchiest of which is obviously "Be Our Guest." Why not relive your youth by re-watching a clip of Jerry Orbach singing the number as Lumiere in 1991’s Beauty And The Beast below.

What a bloody fun tune. Based on the French fairy tale written by Jean-Marie LePrince de Beaumont, Beauty And The Beast revolves around the titular Beast, who is transformed from a prince into a monster because of his arrogance, and the young and beautiful Belle, who he imprisons inside his castle. In order to become a prince once again, the Beast must show his love for Belle and win hers in return. 

Chicago, Gods and Monsters, and Dreamgirls’ Bill Condon is overseeing the upcoming adaptation, which was ordered by Disney after the recent live-action adaptations Maleficent, Alice In Wonderland, and Cinderella handsomely succeeded at the box office. Alongside Beauty And The Beast, Disney has also ordered adaptations of Mulan, Dumbo, and Pinocchio, which are currently being developed by the studio. 

McGregor, who previously sang in-screen in 2001’s Moulin Rouge!, is a sage choice and nice addition to the already impressive Beauty And The Beast cast. Josh Gad recently shared a picture of the ensemble together for the first time, which suggests that they’ve all gathered already to begin work on the film.

Can't wait for you to be our guest.

A photo posted by Josh Gad (@joshgad) on

Disney’s Beauty And The Beast is due to begin filming on May 18, 2015, at Shepperton Studios in London, and it is scheduled for release on March 17, 2017.

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