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Exclusive: Five Gorgeous New Stills From Ryan Gosling's Drive

Whether you're up at the Toronto Film Festival, watching TV or walking by a random street corner, there's pretty much no avoiding Drive, the new action drama from Nicolas Winding Refn that has Ryan Gosling's stern face plastered all over America. Not that I'm complaining-- Gosling's always good to look at, and the pitch-perfect marketing campaign for Drive is totally on par with the movie's gorgeous visuals, shot on location in Los Angeles as Gosling's unnamed driver makes his way through the city's seedy, beautiful underbelly. Drive isn't a fussy or inaccessible movie, but it's the kind of film in which everything looks great, from dingy apartment hallways to exurban pawnshops to a crappy Chinese restaurant.

Want to see what I mean? Check out five exclusive new stills from the film that we're premiering below, featuring pretty much all of Drive's main characters-- Gosling's getaway driver, Carey Mulligan's single mom who lives next door to him, Albert Brooks's terrifying gangster the driver accidentally crosses, and Bryan Cranston's auto mechanic who's probably the closest thing the driver has to a friend. You can also see the kiss that Gosling and Mulligan share in an elevator that comes at a crucial moment in the movie-- so crucial that saying much more about it would spoil it.

Check out the five images below, and click on them for the high-res versions in our Blend Film Database. Drive opens next week on September 16.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend