Exclusive Sexy Evil Genius DVD Clip Features Katee Sackhoff Seeking Revenge

Sexy Evil Genius stars Katee Sackhoff as a psychotic ex and a woman scorned, who brings those exes together for a dinner at a Los Angeles bar. Lionsgate Home Entertainment is bringing the film to DVD, digital download, and On Demand on April 9, and to preview the giddily vengeful flick, we have an exclusive clip from the film to share with fans.

Katee Sackhoff is currently playing a fairly stable female cop personality on A&E’s Longmire, so it’s been rather easy to forget her strengths actually lie in characters with complicated personalities and unusual quirks. In the clip, we see her start out as a seemingly bubbly individual and while her attitude never really changes, by the end of the segment, she’s said some pretty horrifying stuff about her self and some of the others at the table. Also in the clip, some prominent acting names, including Seth Green and Michelle Trachtenberg (Buffy reunion!), as well as William Baldwin all show up. However, none of them really get to say much, although Green does get off one crisp and nerdy line.

Sexy Evil Genius was written by Scott Lew and directed by Shawn Pillar. The flick won’t come with a ton of bonus features, but audio commentary and a documentary will be available. Plus, Sexy Evil Genius will run fairly cheaply, costing fans only $26.98, although you can pre-order the set for even less over at Amazon. You can check out the cover art, below.


Jessica Rawden
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