Katee Sackhoff may not be joining Ron Moore’s new series like many of her former Battlestar Galactica co-stars, but that doesn’t mean Starbuck isn’t keeping busy. The rough and tumble actress has signed on for a new A&E crime pilot called Longmire that’s based on a series of novels written by Craig Johnson.

According to Deadline, she’ll join Robert Taylor and Lou Diamond Phillips, who’ve already been cast as the main character and the main character’s BFF respectively. The basic plot follows Taylor as a sheriff with a dry sense of humor coping with the loss of his wife. He’s very attracted to Sackhoff’s character, his deputy, but is unsure of whether he should act on the feelings.

Based on plot description, it sounds like this role is in Katee Sackhoff’s wheelhouse. She might be sexy, but she’s still fundamentally one of the boys. Portraying a sheriff’s deputy and a love interest should play to her strengths. Plus, I always support Lou Diamond Phillips getting work. He’s way better than straight to DVD movies and Syfy originals.

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