Expendables-Like Horror Movie Lines Up An All-Star Cast

Imagine all of the horror legends that scared you to hide behind the sofa as a kid. Now imagine if all of those legends were locked away in the same institution, just waiting for the right mishap to set them free upon the world. Congratulations, you've successfully envisioned the premise behind Death House - the horror genre's answer to The Expendables.

Now only a mind truly twisted and versed in the hallow halls of haunted Hollywood would be able to dream up a nightmare such as Death House, and as luck would have it, that mind happened to belong to the recently departed Gunnar "Leatherface" Hansen. As iHorror reported in their coverage of the project, Hansen crafted the script as a sort of coffee klatsch for the likes of Robert Englund, Doug Bradley, and Kane Hodder to all unite under. Except instead of trading gossip, these guys would be comparing body counts.

So out of all of the baddies housed in Death House's walls, there's a select group of "Five Stars" that represent the most vicious of the lot. They also happen to be the only hope for two unlucky government agents that happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Then again, there isn't a place on Earth that seems like a "right spot" for an EMP attack, but Death House probably ranks as one of the top 2 places you wouldn't want to be during such a event. The other option, naturally, being on an island of dinosaurs.

If you think Death House sounds a little familiar, then you're probably thinking of the project as a sort of weird hybrid of Suicide Squad and The Expendables. Both are team-up pictures, with a wide variety of characters, and both involve teams that are good at what they do – whether they fight for good or bad. However, unlike either of those properties, Death House sounds like it takes the team-up aspect and flips it to the other side of the table, meaning we'll be focused on the two agents who will be forced to face down the forces of pure evil.

Also along for the ride in the who's who of horror luminaries that inhabit Death House are folks such as Bill Mosley (The Devil's Rejects,) Ken Foree (the original Dawn of the Dead,) Barbara Crampton (Re-Animator,) and Dee Wallace (The Howling.) With a line-up that promises even more surprises in store for those who dare to dig a little deeper, we've got our hopes up that once the cells are open, with doors unlocked and alarms blaring, we'll see some brutal action. Of course, Death House isn't set for release until at least sometime next year, so for now we'll just have to sit back and wait for everything to come together.

Mike Reyes
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