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Fake Batman Posters Imagine The Future Of The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight Rises will be the final Batman movie for Christopher Nolan and, most assuredly also, Christian Bale. After three installments in the franchise, the filmmaker and his Bruce Wayne will leave Gotham behind, but the caped crusader's cinematic journey will not end there. No one knows exactly what Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment have in store for future adaptations of the comic book series created by Bob Kane, however, that didn't stop The L.A. Times' Hero Complex from coming up with a few ideas.

Head writer Geoff Boucher and graphic designer Sean Hartter have come up with fifteen possible "Batfilms of the future" that are being showcased three at a time (complete with posters) during the week long series. Beginning yesterday with possible reboots from the likes of Matthew Vaughan, Todd Phillips and Wes Anderson, we got our first taste of just how the pair have approached the possibilities - clearly, as they openly admitted, with tongue firmly planted in cheek. However, just because Boucher and Hartter came up with these fifteen for a laugh, that doesn't mean they didn't go all out in their creations. Here are two of the examples published today:

I am a little confused as to why all the artwork has such a vintage vibe - since we are talking about he future of the franchise - but each entry is so meticulously described that I quickly forgot that quibble and enjoyed reading all of the various incarnations and who is involved (directors, casts, writers and even producers). Today's posters included a musical from Rob Marshall, what looks like an Expressionist throwback from Guillermo del Toro (the first one above) and a 60s Bond inspired Batfilm from Brad Bird (the second one). Keep checking back in at Hero Complex to catch Dark Knight adaptations from the likes of Ang Lee, Martin Scorsese, Ridley Scott and others.