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We know next to nothing about the upcoming Fantastic Four reboot outside of the fact that it's being directed by Chronicle's Josh Trank, is set to come out in March 2015, and is based on a script by newcomer Jeremy Slater that got a touch up from Dark Shadows screenwriter Seth Grahame-Smith, but now we can add another item to that list: we know when and where it's shooting. The Wrap has learned that while 20th Century Fox was originally planning to make the movie in Vancouver, the production will instead be heading down to Louisiana and starting to roll cameras in September.

With the production start date so soon, that means that the movie is going to have to start doing a lot of work in a very short time - particularly in the casting department. While the occasional rumor has popped up over the last few years, at this point there isn't a single actor who is officially attached to star in the movie. In May there was a rumor that said Chronicle star Michael B. Jordan was being considered for the role of Johnny Storm a.k.a. The Human Torch, but nothing ever came of it. Before that there was a story that said Allison Williams of HBO's Girls was being looked at as a potential Sue Storm, but, again, the story didn't seem to go anywhere.

The move from Vancouver to Louisiana comes on the heels of news that lawmakers have killed a bill that "would have reduced the state's film production incentive program." The Wrap points out that Fox has partnered with the state on superhero movies before, as Bryan Singer's X-Men: Days of Future Past is actually filming down there now. In fact, that production will likely be wrapping up right as Fantastic Four is about to get going.

For those unfamiliar with the characters, Reed Richards, Sue Storm, Johnny Storm and Ben Grimm were normal people traveling in space on a scientific mission when their ship was hit by cosmic rays. The event winds up giving each of them superpowers, with Reed turning into Mister Fantastic (a hero who can bend his body into any shape); Sue becoming Invisible Woman (who can become invisible and project force fields); Johnny Storm morphing into The Human Torch (who can generate flames and fly); and Ben becoming The Thing (who turns into a rock monster with incredible strength). Their greatest opponent is the evil Victor von Doom of Latveria, a.k.a. Dr. Doom, a supervillain with incredible intellect, strength, and power, and the ability to manipulate electricity.

Be sure to stay tuned over the next two months for a flurry of Fantastic Four casting reports, but in the meantime, who would you like to see sat in the new reboot? Let us know your casting ideas for each of the characters in the comments section below.

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