Scan through Bryan Singer’s timeline on Twitter and you’ll realize he began filming on the epic X-Men: Days of Future Past on April 15th. Now, according to the very same social media tool, Singer and his crew of mutants will be at it for two more months. This news arrives via a Tweet reply from an inquiring follower:

That’s a long shoot, but it’s a lot of material Singer had to pack into his feature, which honestly could run a full three hours and still struggle to fit in all of the characters he needs to massage through the story. For those unaware, Singer’s Days of Future Past is like the Avengers of Marvel mutant stories, assembling two very different points in the X-Men timeline for a story that spans decades. The director, who launched the X-Men franchise on screen, will work with many of his original actors - from Hugh Jackman and Halle Berry to Sir Ian McKellen and Sir Patrick Stewart - as well as many members of the younger X-Men: First Class cast.

And this time we're going to see Sentinels in action.

Singer’s casting, up to this point, has been in line with both the original comic books AND the X-Men animated series, which told the Days of Future Past in an accurate fashion. Characters like Bishop, Warpath and Colossus have been cast with actors like Omar Sy (presumably), Booboo Stewart and Daniel Cudmore, respectively, taking on the roles. Singer hasn’t said anything about Sentinels in his many Tweets from the set, but they are such a vital part of the original story, you know that he couldn’t do Days of Future Past without them and he has previously confirmed that they will be in the movie.

If you want a refresher course on the Future Past storyline, the animated series rests on YouTube, and has been broken into two halves. I’m pasting them for you below. Singer’s take probably won’t cover a lot of what’s dissected here, as there are villains like Sabretooth and Jubilee who likely won’t show up in the feature film. But the Mutant Registration Act and the Sentinels should be major factors in Singer’s plot. Will Fox bring some footage, and maybe Singer’s massive cast, to Comic-Con next week? We’ll see. In the meantime, filming continues on X-Men: Days of Future Past as the director rushes toward his May 23, 2014 release date.

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