Good day, horror fans. Jumping junipers, January is almost done. Not that February will be a horror fan’s haven or anything, but it gets us that much closer to better releases. Richard Bates Jr.’s Excision follow-up Suburban Gothic is now out on VOD, along with Edward Boase’s micro-budget horror The Mirror. I suppose if you think Gone Girl is scary – and not just the Batdong – you can rent that on VOD now, too.

In smaller news, The Babadook is getting a sweet Blu-ray Special Edition on April 14 that comes with pop-up book packaging and a slew of special features. The festival fave It Follows has been given a release date of Friday, March 13. All-around badass Frank Grillo is headed back to the horror genre for Akiva Goldsman’s next feature, the supernatural thriller Stephanie. And Nicolas Winding Refn’s first trip into horror, The Neon Demon, has signed model and Mad Max: Fury Road star Abbey Lee.

And now, ch-ch-ch-ch not-yet, not-yet.

friday the 13th
Friday the 13th and More Sequels Get Dates
Remember when the next Friday the 13th movie was supposed to come out this year? That isn’t happening anymore, as Paramount has decided to shift the release date from November 2015 to May 13, 2016. Gotta lock up that actual Friday the 13th release date, especially since this will be the thirteenth film in the franchise. Why the delay? Probably because this sequel/remake/whatever doesn’t have a script yet, or even screenwriters to put one together. That’s a bit of an obstacle.

paranormal activity

Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension, the fifth installment in that franchise (not counting the Marked Ones spinoff), is also being pushed back yet again, although this move is understandable. The supernatural pic has moved from March 13 to October 23, just in time for Halloween box office. Finally, Paramount announced a release date of November 13, 2015 for F. Javier Gutierrez’s reboot Rings. Can we assume that the latter date will be pushed back to April 2016 a few months from now? Let’s check the videotape.

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