The Babadook’s New Trailer Will Babaspook the Shit Out of You
Despite having a name that sounds like a George Clinton side project, Jennifer Kent’s feature debut The Babadook has taken audiences by a storm of nightmares during its lengthy festival run throughout the year. Horror fans in the U.S. still won’t be able to watch this flick until November, but the U.K. is getting it a month early, thus the legitimately unsettling trailer above. I don’t usually get too excited about movies featuring kids afraid of boogeymen, but this looks like a page from a far more disquieting book.

the babadook

The Babadook centers on the newly widowed Amelia (Essie Davis), whose troubled son Samuel (Noah Wiseman) is in constant fear of a mysterious beast that wants their blood. Though she doesn’t believe him at first, a storybook turns up at their house called The Babadook, and it features the very monster that Samuel is so scared of. As his behavior gets worse, Amelia begins to see the evil in the world around her, and she soon realizes that the Babadook might just be a real thing. A real thing with a super-creepy voice. America, get ready for some heavy before-bed reading when The Babadook comes out on November 28.

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