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Featurette Accidentally Explains Why Little Fockers Is A Bad Idea

A new featurette has been released for Little Fockers and it accidentally does a pretty good job of explaining why Meet the Parents was a really good idea and the sequels to it are not.

At the outset of the video below Owen Wilson explains that the reason Meet the Parents worked so well was that “people could kind of understand the tension of meeting your in-laws.” Meet the Parents took an experience almost everyone has gone through or will go through in their life, and gave it a slightly comedic twist. It was a comedy, but there was still an element of reality to it. Imagine if you went to meet your new in-laws and literally everything that could go wrong, did go wrong. People get that. The sequels on the other hand have slowly drifted away from relatable real life moments to become even more bizarre until we’re left with Little Fockers in which Ben Stiller becomes the God Focker by wrestling with Robert De Niro in a ball pit while Dustin Hoffman dances the Flamenco. Basically Meet the Parents has turned into Daddy Day Care.

Here’s the evidence, embedded below: