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Will Ferrell Gets Married And Stays Single

Will Ferrell’s trading in his Sleestaks for something a little more highbrow. Pajiba says he’s remaking a French romantic comedy called I Do: How To Get Married and Stay Single.

The original French version starred, among others, Charlotte Gainsbourg in the story of a 40-something man whose seven sisters pressure him to get married. Rather than telling them he’s not the marrying kind, he convinces a friend to marry him and then leave him at the altar, thus getting his annoying family off his back. Seems to me it would have been a lot cheaper to simply tell them all to fuck off.

I haven’t seen the French movie, but I’m going to go ahead and guess that he inadvertently falls in love with the friend he’s fake marrying and decides he wants to marry her for real or something. Since it’s a Will Ferrell movie, expect to see many shots of him lying shirtless on the couch in some sort of filthy bachelor pad. It could work, assuming anyone can buy Ferrell as a romantic lead. Give the guy credit, at least he’s trying something different.