Will Ferrell And Jack Black Lined Up For Tag Brothers

"That's my chopper you just thrashed, Broseph!"

Following up on a brief but memorable scene on screen together in Anchorman, Jack Black and Will Ferrell will be reuniting more prominently in New Line Cinema's Tag Brothers. The two funny men will play two of the four planned starring roles for the picture, which is based on a real-life ongoing game of tag between a group of former classmates who are now adults but have yet to outgrow their beloved game.

The Wrap posted the news, stating that Tag Brothers is being written by Mark Steilen. The story is based on a piece the Wall Street Journal featured about a group of men, now in their 40s, who spend the month of February playing an intense game of tag while also trying to juggle their adult responsibilities. From the sound of it, these guys pull out all the stops when it comes to playing this game, even going as far as to break into each others' homes and offices to secure the necessary "tag" which releases them from being "it."

Ferrell and Black's involvement in the project is contingent on the screenplay. They're set up as two of the four planned male leads, with the other two roles yet to be filled. The story certainly has potential for some great comedy. Though we haven't seen much of Ferrell and Black on screen together, there's no denying their chemistry during the unfortunate bridge incident involving Baxter in Anchorman. Let's just hope Ferrell doesn't give Black cause to drop kick his dog in this new film. Tag can get intense.

These days, Black's been keeping busy with his band Tenacious D, which has tour dates lined up starting next month in Los Angeles. He's also listed to return to the voice of Po for the third Kung Fu Panda film, which is planned for late 2015. Meanwhile, Ferrell has an uncredited role in The Internship coming up, not to mention the upcoming Anchorman sequel. We'll also hear his voice as President Business in The Lego Movie.

With the two actors tentatively set for Tag Brothers, we're left to wonder who might fill the other two roles? Is it too obvious to suggest one of the Wilson brothers or Vince Vaughn? I'm also thinking Ben Stiller, Justin Long and/or Alan Tudyk, but in doing so I realize I'm just recasting Dodgeball. Grownups playing "kid" games does yield good comedy, doesn't it?

Kelly West
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