Will Ferrell And Mark Wahlberg To Square Off In Football Comedy Turkey Bowl

The Other Guys was funnier than it probably had any right to be. Will Ferrell was coming off of two years of letdowns, including Land of the Lost and Semi-Pro, and Mark Wahlberg had little to no experience in comedy prior to signing on. Still the film was one of the funniest of last year and the two leads made for a pretty solid pair. Now they are going to try and capture that magic again.

Deadline reports that Warner Bros. has acquired a project called Turkey Bowl that currently has both Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg attached. In the film the two actors will star as rivals from separate football-loving towns who face off every year in a tackle football game. Being written by Robert Carlock (30 Rock) and Scott Silveri (Friends), the film is expected to be filled with cameos. There is no director attached as of yet.

Simple as it may sound, with a proper script this could have a lot of potential. The some of the best moments in The Other Guys were when Ferrell and Wahlberg were going head to head and this sounds like it should be two hours of just that. Provided it stays away from spoof territory, Turkey Bowl could be really funny.

Eric Eisenberg
Assistant Managing Editor

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