Will Ferrell Updates On Southern Rivals, Step Brothers 2, Zoolander 2 And More

It's been nearly a decade since Will Ferrell burst on to the scene in movies like Zoolander, Old School and Anchorman, but the man has never slowed down. Seemingly in at least a few movies every year - not to mention his recent stint on The Office - Ferrell always has something coming down the pipe, and now is no exception. Today I attended a press conference for Ferrell's newest, Everything Must Go, when the subject of upcoming projects was prompted by a member of the press, leaving the actor to talk about that he's both confirmed to be involved with and rumored for.

To start things off, Ferrell talked about the next project he will be filming: Southern Rivals with Zach Galifianakis. Set to start production this fall, the two comedic talents will be going head-to-head as politicians aiming for a position in "a small congressional district in South Carolina." While he didn't specify the release date, he said that it will timed to coincide with election season next year and said that it will "have comments on the circumstance now in modern day politics."

Following up a story from back in January, when Ben Stiller was quoted saying that the villainous Mugatu would have a part in Zoolander 2, Ferrell was asked if he's heard anything about the project. His answer was short and sweet: "Zoolander 2 I don't know anything about."

Next came comments on the project that audiences been wondering about for the last six years; Anchorman 2. Sadly, confirming what Adam McKay told me last July, the idea is dead. Said Ferrell, "Anchorman 2, you really have to asert some sort of email hate campaign to Paramount Pictures. They've told us, 'We've run the numbers and it's not a good fit.'" What's tragic is that they had an epic idea for the idea, where it would be a musical that would start as a stage show before moving to the big screen.

"We were going to do almost a reverse... almost like how the Marx brothers used to do - we were going to do a Broadway musical and then have a film come out after the stage show. Everyone we tell the idea loves it, except for the studio that owns the rights. Ball's in their courts, but they're being idiots."

Taking initiative, I then chose chimed in to ask about the possibility of Step Brothers 2, which McKay also told me about last summer. Ferrell confirmed that the project, unlike Anchorman 2, is still conceivable and that he and - presumably - McKay recently talked with Ferrell's co-star about it. "Yeah, we just sat down with John [C. Reilly] and we were kicking around some ideas," Ferrell said. "So, you know, maybe. We'll see."

Everything Must Go is set to be released on May 13 while Casa De Mi Padre, Ferrell's Spanish language comedy, is out later this year.

Eric Eisenberg
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