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Final John Carter Trailer Is All About The Action

With John Carter getting ready to hit theaters next weekend, there's not much time left for Disney to convince moviegoers to jump for their giant blockbuster, an enormous, effects-filled movies coming after a two-month drought in pretty much any movies you'd call a "must-see." It's a complicated sell, based on subject material that's 100 years old and starring relatively unknown actors Taylor Kitsch and Lynn Collins. So with the final new trailer we'll see, which debuted today at Apple, they're emphasizing what they know you look for at the movies: spectacle, warfare, more spectacle, and a six-legged ape. Check it out embedded below or at Apple in HD.

Honestly, the John Carter trailer that worked best for me was the first teaser, with the haunting Peter Gabriel cover of an Arcade Fire song and the general vibe of something mysterious and otherworldly. I get why they're focusing on the action as the release comes closer-- and it's a movie with a lot of action, so it's not false advertising-- but I miss the sense of trying to convince people that John Carter was something grand and special, not just another sci-fi adventure you might feel like you've seen before.

Regardless of what the marketing might be telling you, John Carter is a big and ambitious movie-- and if you like the look of the action here, there's plenty more where that came from. Let us know about your own expectations for John Carter in the comments, and if you're planning to catch it when it opens in theaters next weekend.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend