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Whether or not you've seen the original 1995 Stallone film Judge Dredd, there's good reason to be intrigued by the upcoming remake, which is going simply by the name Dredd. It's directed by Pete Travis, who made 2009's goofy but enjoyable Vantage Point, but more importantly, it stars Karl Urban as the title character. You'll recognize Urban from practically everything, from Lord of the Rings to The Bourne Supremacy to the new Star Trek series, but Dredd is his first big action staring role. Though, if you look at the new Dredd trailer, you might have a hard time finding Urban at all. Take a look below and see if you can recognize the man underneath that helmet.

OK, so I get that in the original Judge Dredd movie the character wears a helmet, and in the comics he never takes it off-- but even though they've compromised by showing the lower half of Urban's face, it still takes a lot away from his charisma and from any attachment you can develop for the character. It's possible that Olivia Thirlby, as his sidekick, can carry a lot of the movie as well, but we see so little of her in this trailer it's hard to tell. And if you're intrigued by what looks like the entire plot setup, in which they break into a tower that's headquarters for the city's drug kingpin, I suggest you check out this year's Indonesian action instant-classic The Raid, which couples this exact same plot with some of the most astonishing martial arts you'll ever see.

Yes, it's unfair to prejudge Dredd just for having a plot similar to another film, and I still like Karl Urban enough to want to support this. But we've seen a lot of movies set in grim future police states, and Dredd seems to be drawing from the exact same playbook rather than creating something new. We can find out how it works for ourselves when the movie comes to theaters on September 21; meanwhile, everything else we need to know about the movie is over in our Blend Film Database.

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