First Pics Of Megatron

Pics of the robots from Transformers are flooding the internet now, and it looks like Paramount has finally given up on trying to stop it. Early this morning AICN posted the first pics anyone has seen of Megatron. They were forced to pull them down (for non-Paramount related reasons) and then every shady movie site and blog on the internet promptly posted them and claimed the scoop as their own.

But, since AICN can't carry them we will. I'm posted everything there is on Megatron, who incidentally, looks rather horrible. I realize that it makes no sense for him to be a gun, and I'm fine with that. But does he need to look like a Predator? It looks like Michael Bay is playing the alien angle for all it's worth. As a disguise, his robot form isn't a very good one is it? Even in jet form, he looks kind of like a Shrike threw up all over the sky. And why would Megatron need teeth? What does he eat? Does recharge his power cells by ingesting babies?

Take a look:

Josh Tyler