Danny Boyle has been growing up a lot since he broke on to the international scene with Trainspotting, make everything from a sci-fi epic (Sunshine) to a Best Picture winner (Slumdog Millionaire) to the opening ceremony of the Olympics. But odds are he's still really good at telling gritty stories about Scottish blokes who get wrapped up in crime, and now he's aiming to prove it with his next film Trance.

Teaming up for the first time with the terrific Scottish actor James McAvoy, plus Black Swan's Vincent Cassell and the perenially-underused Rosario Dawson, Boyle is back with a story about an art dealer who turns criminal, only to be locked out of his own scheme by a bout of amnesia. See how it all goes down below.

Yup, that looks like a Danny Boyle movie all right, with the kinetic action, florid visuals, and McAvoy's Scottish accent anchoring the whole thing. Maybe it's just a little too Scottish, actually, sine the film currently has no set US release date, with a UK release planned for this spring. But Fox Searchlight is planning to release Trance in the US at some point this year, so if you're excited for what looks like a return to Trainspotting-era Boyle, you probably don't have too long to wait.

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