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First Trailer For Seeking A Friend For The End Of The World, Starring Steve Carell

If you knew for a fact that the world was coming to an end, I'd imagine that you'd panic at first, but after that you'd feel quite liberated. You'd finally have the opportunity to live life like you've always wanted and not have to worry about all of the terrible consequences. There would, of course, be some horrible people that would take advantage of the situation and use it to commit crimes, but I'd like to think that there would be more people out there who would simply prefer to max out their credit and buy a Lamborghini. For Steve Carell's character in Seeking A Friend For The End Of The World, however, it's all about making a meaningful connection with another human being.

The first trailer for Lorene Scafaria's written-and-directed dramedy has arrived online and you can check it out below, courtesy of Yahoo!

Watching the trailer you may have noticed that the movie has a wonderful cast, including Carell, Kiera Knightly, Patton Oswalt, Adam Brody, Connie Britton, T.J. Miller, William Petersen, Rob Corddry, Derek Luke, Gillian Jacobs, Rob Huebel and Melanie Lynskey. The film marks Scafaria's directorial debut, though her writing credits include Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist. Look for the film when it arrives in theaters on June 22 and to read more about the title head on into our Blend Film Database.

Eric Eisenberg

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