First Trailer For Waiting For Forever Tries To Rekindle Lost Love

The biggest problem with romantic movies these days is how typically shallow they are. Ninety percent of the time the movies are about two incredibly beautiful people falling in love, running into two or three obstacles, and then living happily ever after. Let's hope that Waiting For Forever doesn't fall into that same trap.

MTV has premiered the first trailer for the film starring Rachel Bilson, Tom Sturridge, Blythe Danner and Richard Jenkins. In the film, Sturridge plays Will Donner, a young man who has been in love with his childhood sweetheart, Emma Twist (Bilson), his entire life, but hasn't seen her in years. Lost in the world without a real job, a car or a home, Will waits for the day that Emma will come back, and then she does.

Check out the trailer below. Check back after for my reactions.

Without having seen the film, I must say that the whole thing seems kind of creepy. While I understand that love can be crippling sometimes, Will has completely sacrificed his life in his pining - that's not called love, that's called obsession. Hopefully the whole thing is a bit more toned down than it seems. Also, Richard Jenkins is in this, and what's not to love about Richard Jenkins?

Eric Eisenberg
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