New York City's biggest film festival is preparing to once again take over lower Manhattan this April, and this year they'll be doing it with the help of Jason Segel and Emily Blunt. The Tribeca Film Festival announced today that the new comedy The Five-Year Engagement, starring Blunt and Segel, will kick off the festival, which runs from April 18 until April 29. The Tribeca premiere will be happening just a week and a half before the film's official April 27 opening, but that keeps in line with the festival's tradition of kicking off with soon-to-open major releases-- previous Tribeca openers have included Baby Mama, Shrek Forever After and Woody Allen's Whatever Works.

The Five Year Engagement isn't exactly a hometown New York movie like Whatever Works was, but it's a promising comedy all the same, featuring a supporting lineup with the likes of Alison Brie, Rhys Ifans and Chris Pratt on board, and directed by Nicholas Stoller, who you may remember also made The Muppets with Segel last fall. He also had a pretty excellent statement to include in the press release:

“When Jason and I met during the production of Undeclared, we couldn’t have imagined that one day we would write a comedy that would open such a prestigious film festival as Tribeca. We are so honored that the festival organizers have given us this platform to premiere the film. To be honest, this is all just a ploy to stand on top of a building with Robert De Niro and look out over New York City at dusk.”

The full Tribeca Film Festival lineup will be announced on March 6 and March 8; you can expect a mix of hits from other festivals like Sundance and the upcoming SXSW, as well as a bunch of new gems that you may or may not be seeing in theaters in the coming year. I'll be traveling to lower Manhattan to check out the action once again this year, so come on back in April for the full report on The Five-Year Engagement and everything else Tribeca has to offer this year.

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