The Flash Movie May Feature These 5 Supporting Characters

While The Flash TV series continues on The CW, the DC Extended Universe is making strides towards seeing up their own version of the Scarlet Speedster. Moviegoers got their first taste of Ezra Miller’s Barry Allen in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and he’ll team up with his fellow DC heroes in Justice League: Part One next year. Following that, he’ll lead his own movie, and now we may know who will make up his supporting cast.

With casting reportedly underway on The Flash, Heroic Hollywood has apparently obtained a breakdown of the information that’s been sent to talent agencies regarding the five main supporting roles. It remains to be confirmed whether these characters will actually appear in the movie or if this breakdown refers simply to "types," but given Flash’s mythology, seeing these folks appear wouldn’t be the least bit surprising.

The Flash Iris West

First up, we have Iris West, Barry Allen’s main love interest. Just like her comic book counterpart, The Flash’s Iris is a reporter for the Central City Citizen, and she’s described as having "Christiane Amanpour’s brains and Carrie Bradshaw’s style." The article also mentions that Iris is the only supporting character who’s currently being tested for, so unlike the other characters, it’s basically guaranteed she’ll be in the movie.

The Flash Eobard Thawne

Next, we have Eobard Thawne, better known as the Reverse-Flash and Professor Zoom, Barry Allen’s greatest speedster enemy. His movie version is described as the "smartest man in the room," earning him the nickname "Central City’s Bill Gates." He also suffers from an advanced degenerative disease, which has left him confined to a wheelchair. For those of you who watch the Flash TV show, this sounds similar to Eobard Thawne in Season 1 when he was disguised as Harrison Wells, though that was just a facade. Don’t be surprised if this version is also pulling a fast one (no pun intended).

The Flash Fred Chyre

The third character is Fred Chyre, who in the comics was a Keystone City police officer who worked with the Wally West Flash. In The Flash movie, he’s a "gruff" detective who meets Barry Allen at a crime scene. Now they’re colleagues and the "closest thing Barry has to a friend." He’ll be investigating an unusual death at Thawne Laboratories.

The Flash Captain Cold

Fourth is Leonard Snart, better known as Captain Cold. An ex-military man, he’ll be working for Eobard Thane in The Flash movie. The piece speculates he’ll be the muscle, similar to Callan Mulvey’s Anatoli Knyazev in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Considering that Captain Cold has been one of Flash’s biggest enemies for decades, this feels like a major demotion.

The Flash Jay Garrick

Finally, we have Jay Garrick, the Golden Age Flash who was debuted in the comics 16 years before Barry Allen. In the movie, he is a former Central City professor who was fired for "fringe science," specifically working on the Speed Force program. He’s only set for a cameo, so don’t expect him to start speeding around with that trademark helmet.

We’ll have to wait until Warner Bros or DC provides information either confirming or denying these characters, but for now, this sounds like an interesting cast, albeit with some DCEU twists and similarities to the TV show. The Flash races into theaters on March 16, 2018.

Adam Holmes
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