Fox Is Building A Theme Park In Malaysia With Alien And Life Of Pi Rides

Between Disneyland/world, Universal Studios and Six Flags, Disney, Universal and Warner Bros. have a major theme park presence, but now it seems 20th Century Fox is getting into the game as well - albeit not here in the United States. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Fox has unveiled plans that will see them opening a brand new theme park in Malaysia by 2016.

As you might expect, the park will feature numerous attractions based on Fox's huge library of properties put together over the last few decades. While the report about the park doesn't mention how they will be implimented, it is expected that Alien, Life of Pi, Ice Age, Rio, and Night at the Museum will all be featured.

The Fox park will actually be overtaking one that already exists, the Genting Outdoor Theme Park. There are plans to have over 25 rides based on Fox films "across all genres" and there will also be an anamatronic parade that will join characters from all over in one place (get ready for the image of Scrat running away from a xenomorph).

In a statement Jeffrey Godsick, president of Fox Consumer Products, said, "For the first time, audiences will soon be transported into the worlds of their favorite 20th Century Fox properties. Brought to life by our partner Resorts World Genting, this theme park marks the launch of our global location-based entertainment strategy."

THR notes that this actually isn't the first time that Fox has tried to launch a theme park of their own. In 1999 the studio opened the doomed Fox Studios Backlot in Australia, but the idea wound up flopping and the park closed two years after it opened. The Genting Outdoor Theme Park that currently exists will begin the upgrade process in September, and it's reported that the project has a $125 million budget. While the official statement says the park will open in 2016, it doesn't give a more specific time frame.

While I do like the idea of a Fox theme park, as I am always interested in seeing more access points to fictional realities, it's a shame that it's parked all the way over in Malaysia. While I'm sure the country gets a fair stream of tourists, I can't imagine many who would fly all the way out there for a movie theme park.

I've been trying to come up with some stupidly clever ideas for rides based on Fox movies, but I'm having a hard time coming up with ideas outside of Alien. A wild roller coaster through the belly of the Nostromo? Spinning teacups in the shape of xenomorph eggs? Shooting galley full of facehuggers? It's a deep well that I hope the attraction designers have traveled down and mined thoroughly.

Would you travel all the way to Malaysia for a Fox theme park? Do you think they should build one here in the States? Do you have any other ideas for rides? Hit the comments section!

Eric Eisenberg
Assistant Managing Editor

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