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Unless you haven't seen a comedy since 2004, you are completely aware of Judd Apatow's effect on the movie world. Be it his directorial efforts, his productions or even his regular cast of actors, the man completely re-invented the R-rated comedy. When talking about Apatow most fans are quick to point out that his brilliance began not in film, but on television, when he created the canceled-before-its-time show Freaks and Geeks. Only one problem: Apatow only produced the show, it was Paul Feig who created it. Since their start on television, which also included the also-underrated Undeclared, Apatow and Feig have parted ways, the latter continuing work in television on shows such as Arrested Development, The Office, Mad Men and every other television show you love, but, evidently, they have missed each other.

The two are now set to co-produce, with Feig in the director's chair, an untitled wedding themed comedy, according to THR. The film, which will star SNL-alum Kristen Wiig, will be based on a script by Annie Mumolo and be about "two women battling to plan their friend's wedding party."

Oh joy. Another wedding comedy. I guess everyone loved Licence to Wed, Bride Wars, 27 Dresses, and Made of Honor. With names like Apatow, Feig and Wiig behind the project, it's safe to have a bit more faith than you otherwise would, but how many jokes are left to be made about weddings anymore? A wedding dress can be ruined only so many times.

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