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A friend send me a link to this trailer earlier today and after watching it, I was shocked to learn that it is not in fact an actual, vintage trailer for Free Willy. Rather it’s a parody trailer for the 1993 film which is now probably best remembered for having a mediocre Michael Jackson-powered soundtrack. The parody trailer takes Free Willy and turns it into a horror movie, except, well that’s just how I’ve always seen it. Isn’t that what it’s supposed to be?

Maybe that’s why this particular piece of fan editing works so well. This is just Free Willy finding its natural level. This movie should have been to Killer Whales what Piranha 3D was to schools of little pointy-teethed fishes. Where’s Jerry O’Connell when you need him?

Watch Free Willy the way it was always meant to be seen: As a horror movie.

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