Ginger & Rosa, the newest film from writer/director Sally Potter, spent the back end of last year traveling around the world. Following its premiere at the Telluride Film Festival in August, the drama took to the festival circuit and wound up playing in the Toronto, New York, London Film Festivals as well as other events in Italy, Mexico and Spain. Finally, though, with the calendar turning over this week, the movie is ready to settle back down in the states for a theatrical release, albeit a limited one. And with just two months until the date A24, the company set to distribute the film domestically, has released a brand new trailer.

The preview comes to us from The Playlist and you can watch it below.

A period piece set in London 1962, Elle Fanning and Alice Englert star as the titular Ginger and Rosa, a pair of best friends who dream of exploring the larger world. But as the Cold War escalates and the threat of nuclear holocaust looms, suddenly the previously-inseparable friends find themselves at odds and drifting apart. Potter last wrote and directed Rage in 2009 and has gathered a brilliant cast for her latest work, including Annette Bening, Christina Hendricks, Timothy Spall, and Oliver Platt. Our own Kristy Puchko saw the film at NYFF last year and in her review she lauded the film, saying, "Potter does so much more with the film than just deliver a message about personal meeting political. She shows with an incredible clarity and emotional honesty how being a teen girl feels, and in doing so has made Ginger & Rosa timeless."

Ginger & Rosa will be in limited release starting March 15.

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