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We know Frozen's gotten a lot of hype since its release last year, but we just can't let it go. Not even in summer. Sorry. Apparently, Disney's not ready to let Frozen go either, as they've announced the return of Frozen's Anna and Elsa for a new animated short, titled Frozen Fever. We have details and some speculation about what it'll be about and when we'll see it...

Disney made the announcement tonight within the ABC Television Network special The Story of Frozen: Making an Animated Classic. The short will reunite directors Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck with song writers Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez, the latter of whom are cooking up an all-new original song. Frozen Fever Is set to debut in Spring 2015 and will be set during Anna's birthday. Elsa and Kristoff. "Elsa and Kristoff are determined to give her the best celebration ever, but Elsa's icy powers may put more than just the party at risk."

Elsa does know how to cool down a party. The question is, why are her powers putting Anna's party at risk? That seemed like a problem she might have had in Frozen, before she figured out how to control them. Perhaps she hasn't fully mastered them after all. Or, maybe Elsa's got a cold? That would explain the title, and there's surely more than a few jokes that can be be mined from a Frozen character catching a cold. Plus, let's face it, Elsa letting a big sneeze go could actually be a pretty big problem, given her condition. Just a bit of speculation.

Beyond the premise, we're also left to wonder when and where this short will debut. Disney Animation's next feature is Big Hero 6, which arrives in November. Too soon. After that, the next Disney movie to hit theaters is Inside Out, which releases June 19. That's not exactly Spring. And it's Pixar. And we already know Lava is the short set to show before Inside Out. Cinderella might be the best guess here. While it isn't Disney Animation, Kenneth Branagh's film is Disney, and it's set for March 13. That's actually a week shy of Spring, technically, but it's close enough, right? We'll see.

In the meantime, those looking to get their Frozen fix can find live-action versions of some of the beloved Disney film's characters lurking over in Storybrooke, as they're set to make an appearance in ABC's Once Upon a Time. Catch a teaser for that after the jump...

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