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Suburgatory's Jany Levy and Victorious' Victoria Justice are teaming up on screen this Halloween for Fun Size, a comedy directed by Josh Schwartz. A new poster for the Nickelodeon Movies film has made its way online, which shows off costumes, a cluster of teens and one super-toddler in a hero pose.

Fun Size stars Justice as Wren, a teen who wants to enjoy Halloween with her friends, and hopefully run into the guy she likes, but is saddled with the task of taking her little brother trick-or-treating. Her brother wanders off, leading Wren and her friend April (Levy) to set off looking for him. Comedy and mayhem likely ensue. And that's reflected somewhat in the poster below, which features costumed teens and the little brother who appears to be ready to play the hero.

Those teens look tired.

By the look of the poster (particularly the adorable caped toddler and the dog wearing bunny ears), the Nickelodeon star, and the humorous, non-scary approach to a Halloween story, added to Nickelodeon's involvement, people might jump to the conclusion that Fun Size is kid-friendly. Or maybe I'm alone in drawing that early assumption before watching the trailer. Use of the word "bitch" in the trailer isn't the only thing that makes me think this one's geared more toward older kids and young adults. The movie is directed by Josh Schwartz, who, in addition to serving as showrunner on Chuck, also co-created The O.C. and developed the CW series Gossip Girl. So he's well familiar with working on projects that cater to the teen/young adult crowd. But we'll have to wait and see what rating the film gets.

Fun Size arrives in theaters October 26. More information can be found in our Blend Film Database.

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