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I honestly wonder if Gabriel Macht's career will ever recover from his having played The Spirit. He had nothing to do with creating the disaster that Frank Miller's film was, of course, but it was his face, hidden behind that domino mask, the moviegoers were forced to see in every scene as they observed the overall nonsense of that film. I don't endorse violence, but I wouldn't be surprised if someone punched him.

But Macht is still acting, naturally, and maybe the role in Ed Zwick's Love And Other Drugs will do him more favors. According to THR Macht will play the hotshot guy who starts off the movie dating Anne Hathaway's character, but later get ousted by the affections of Jake Gyllenhaal, who plays a Viagra salesman. Oliver Platt has also signed on to play Gyllenhaal's boss, and Hank Azaria will play one of his clients.

The romantic comedy set in the world of major pharmaceutical companies sounds like a neat idea, and a change of pace for Zwick, who's known for focusing on earnest historical dramas like Defiance. I'll be glad to see Hathaway and Gyllenhaal together again, in presumably a happier romance than they had in Brokeback Mountain, but I'll really be rooting for Macht to prove himself for real this time.

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