Gangster Squad is getting a decently quick turnaround on to DVD and Blu-ray. Fans of the Ryan Gosling, Josh Brolin, Sean Penn, and Emma Stone vehicle should be pleased to learn that Warner Bros Home Entertainment is bring the January flick to Blu-ray, DVD, and Digital on April 23.

Gangster Squad got a raw deal in the advertising department. The flick was supposed to get a decently cushy September release that was later pushed back after the Aurora theater shooting. This was actually probably a smart move for the studio, but it’s really difficult to keep buzz going for several months and the movie passed in and out of theaters without accruing much business. However, if shoot ‘em up flicks are your style, the story of a violent mob boss and some police officers out to fight against corruption may be worth a watch.

The pushback of the theatrical release means there has been plenty of time to put together a home entertainment set, and the Blu-ray release, at least, should not disappoint. While DVD copies will only come with a “Tough Guys on with Style” featurette, the Blu-ray release will come with some of the basics, including deleted scenes, as well as a fancy-sounding bonus feature called “The Gangland Files.” Blu-ray combo packs will run for $35.99 and single-disc DVD copies will run a little more cheaply, at $28.98. You can check out the full list of extras for both sets, below.

Gangster Squad Blu-ray Extras
  • Commentary with Director Ruben Fleischer
  • “The Gangland Files”
  • “Rogues Gallery: Mickey Cohen”
  • “Tough Guys with Style”
  • Deleted Scenes
Gangster Squad DVD Extras
  • “Tough Guys with Style”

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